Business Center

The business center provides our customers with the best possible technologies, techniques and modern pieces of equipment to grant customers the highest quality of service provisions. Moreover, our friendly customer care team is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve customers. The center has always formed strategic business alliance with a number of reputed governmental organizations to maintain fast, reliable, stable and conducive working atmospheres. Our business center is providing use for our fast internet connection to all our guests. Also such services such as photocopying, typing, printing documents which are managed by computers.

We Offer Complimentary High-speed Internet Access!

  • Our business center makes use of fast internet connection to all guests.
  • To help our guests stay connected and productive while on the hotel site by offering complimentary high speed internet access at all locations in the area off the main lobby and cafeteria wirelessly, and in the hotels business center.